The Epidemic E condition was not permanent, but it did persist for a long time. Now, ten years later, most people who contracted Epidemic E have reverted to what would generally be consider relatively normal sex lives, although most would be classified in the sexually active segment of the normal population. A few showed no diminution of the effect and would be classified as sexually hyperactive.

Shortly after the public found out about Epidemic E, an EE Society was formed, with chapters in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Ogden and Buffalo. This was to allow victims of the disease to get together, so that they didn't feel isolated from the mainstream of society and to afford them some outlet for their problems. Shortly after the society's formation, a number of people pretended to have had EE in order to gain membership. As a consequence of this, the societies now meet in secret and their membership is closed.

It is rumored that the going, under-the-counter, price of a single dose vial of the EE virus is a million dollars. As such, Schneider has few customers, but manages to sell at least a dozen doses each year to millionaires and Arab sheiks. Recently, two vials were purchased by a member of the embassy staff of the U.S.S.R.

Arthur Zabalka recently purchased a new house at a cost of two million dollars in a suburb of Philadelphia and traded his Ford for a Mercedes. He has not given up his hope of that Nobel Prize, but says that he can wait as long as necessary.

Sam and Sue married and moved to Denver, along with Sue's children. Sam's children spend the summers with them.

Janet, as a consequence of her new-found freedom, returned to school and earned a teaching degree. She now teaches school in Salt Lake City.

Mike Levering retired to a cabin in the rockies and hasn't been heard from in over a year. Rumor has it that he is writing a book.

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